Hawker 800XP

Our Hawker is a popular choice for travel. With about a 2000nm range, a stand up cabin seating up to 8 passengers, refreshment galley (including ice coolers, microwave, glassware, coffee maker, etc…), entertainment system (offering front and rear tv screens), wifi, and a fully enclosed bathroom, this Hawker offers you a comfortable, pleasant, and quick ride to your destination.

Our Hawker is an ideal plane for both business and pleasure travel. Business meetings are easy in the Hawker’s club style seats and worktables, or stretch out and rest in the fully reclining seats or the couch.

With a perfect blend of comfort, speed (roughly 460mph in cruise), entertainment, and space, the Hawker is sure to be a favorite choice for your trip. Give us a call today to book. Or click here to request a free quote today!