Aircraft Management

Justice Air can help you set up a complete flight department that will be compliant with every FAA and DOT Regulation, or we can operate your flight department for you. Either way, we will provide you with a competent well trained staff. The Justice Air staff will not only afford you ease of operation, safety and security, but will also provide you complete and accurate records, weekly reporting on profit /loss, capital expenditures and general operating expenses. You should know at any given moment exactly what your operating costs are.

While not all clients are interested in off setting their costs with chartering their aircraft, you have available to you the full power and benefit of our own part 135 charter certificate. Give us a call and we will walk you through the easy process and multiple benefits chartering a plane has to offer. By allowing us to manage your aircraft, you can have all the benefits of aircraft ownership without any of the hassles associated with management! The issues of compliance with regulations concerning maintenance, pilot proficiency, and TSA security are issues we handle seamlessly each and every day.

Since every individual or business has unique needs, we recommend you give us a call with any inquires, or to let us tailor a program for you. You will find our rates to be extremely attractive and fair. We can and will make your travel safe, efficient and reliable.

Thinking of Purchasing an Aircraft?

If you are thinking about purchasing your own aircraft, let our experts guide you! Not all aircraft are created equally. Allow us to use our vast experience and resources not only to help decide what aircraft fits your mission, but also to help guide you through the purchasing process. We can assist you in all facets of purchase including, but not limited to:

  • Decide the right cost of the aircraft (as well as operating cost) for you
  • Manage maintenance/inspection requirements
  • Complete required paperwork (registration, insurance, etc…)
  • Arrange and perform a pre-buy inspection
  • Provide hangar space
  • Take away your worry by managing your aircraft
  • As a charter company, we have the ability to charter your aircraft (if you choose) to further reduce your total cost.
  • We will assure you get the very most value for your investment.

**Contact us today to get started with a consultation that will change the way you view aviation!