“Three years ago I chose Justice Air to manage our aircraft, and couldn’t be happier I made that decision.  When I travel, it’s mostly for work, and I usually plan my trips on short notice.  Justice Air hasn’t let me down yet.  Their pilots are always professional, experienced, and mindful of passenger comfort.  As a father of young children, I choose private aviation to ensure as many nights at home as possible. Justice gives me the ability to reach my out of state clients and operations and always make it home in time for dinner.  The advantages of Justice don’t end with just flight planning; they provide a complete in-house maintenance staff greatly reducing any downtime for repairs, or scheduled maintenance.  All scheduled maintenance and compliance have been performed on time and more importantly on budget each year.  My favorite part of Justice’s services has been my travel for personal vacations, never having to endure the hassles of airline travel with young children is amazing.  Justice handles all of the customs documents as well as FBO related details.  We just show up and go; our vacation begins as soon as we board the Airplane.  As a previous Jet Card customer,  I’m glad I made the switch to ownership and even happier I choose Justice to help me along the way.”  

Todd Farber, Aircraft Management Customer

What a great trip …truly exceptional VIP, first class, white glove service!

 …I can’t thank you enough for everything – the catering on the way down, the teas, the service, just everything was incredible.  

 My folks were in all their glory and I feel incredible to be able to do this for them – I couldn’t have made the trip with you and I’m truly appreciative of everything you guys did for us.

 Simply put – thank you!

I look forward to doing this again!

J.Wolf, Aircraft Charter Client